KEISHA MABRY: Believing in Yourself & Building Space for the Community

by | Feb 23, 2023

Girl Louie recently had the chance to get to work with Keisha Mabry, one of St. Louis’s best talents when it comes to helping entrepreneurs build their businesses. Not only does she help small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive, but she recently launched an amazing co-working, content studio, and event space in mid-town called Heydays HQ. 

What we love about Keisha is that she is always carving out space in the community to help people grow and thrive at what they do best. From accounting to marketing, to sponsorships and grants – this girl knows WHAT’S UP. 

When we asked Keisha why she wanted to create Heydays HQ she explained that there was nowhere in the city where people could just kickback and feel comfortable hanging in spaces together.

“There was a need in St. Louis for a place like this. I’ve been creating and running events from my business within the community for years and there never really was a spot that had it all, plus the vibes of people being able to sit and hang and be comfortable.”

Getting to work with Keisha on her branding, website, and social media marketing through our Girl Louie Agency was an amazing experience. Keisha had an amazing vision for how she wanted her brand to look and feel, which totally fell in sync with the vibes Girl Louie loves to design for. We are so excited to have Keisha as our close friend and partner when it comes to helping our community WIN. 

What’s up next, you ask? You can find the team at Girl Louie presenting at Keisha’s next MastHERclass at her new space at Heydays. Make sure to register for your spot to learn, take up space, and be with the community!


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