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Girl Louie is a creative studio that focuses on storytelling, branding, marketing, web design, social media… and all the creative things in between.

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Girl Louie will work with you to create a brand (logo, color pallet, fonts, feel) that visually gives meaning to your target audience. Together we will leverage design and critical thinking to help strengthen your mission and make meaningful connections with customers that last.


Girl Louie will create a website that tells YOUR story. Whether your goal is to raise awareness, generate qualified leads, or improve SEO and increase web traffic, our team will design a site that works for you. Once your site launches, we work with your team to give you the skills you need to easily maintain your site.


Digital marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience and tell your brand’s story. Girl Louie will help you get everyone talking about YOU.  Beginning with in-depth research, our team will determine the best way to connect with your audience throughout the marketing funnel. Next, we will develop a custom digital marketing strategy that shares your mission through the most appropriate channels.


Through video, photography, and digital content, Girl Louie will capture and create digital assets that show your brand’s mission, vision, and values – ultimately building trust and relationships with your audience.


Girl Louie will create a comprehensive social media strategy that is built around brand advocacy and content creation. We will manage monthly content that displays across social media platforms and other digital spaces. Our team will also focus on social media engagement by liking, commenting, and following along in discussions related to the campaign.


Girl Louie’s Brand School is an online learning platform that takes you through a deep dive into your brand. Learn about your brand voice, mission, values, and ways in which these all influence meaningful connections with your target audience and customers. Let’s fall in love with your brand and teach others how to do the same. 

Branding. Creative. Marketing.

You will walk away with a better understanding of branding, target audience, creative direction, and marketing strategy.

Let’s build beautiful websites together

Black Girls DO STEM was beyond impressive with the exemplary services provided by the Girl Louie Team. The Girl Louie Team was able to execute great designs and marketing materials on a tight deadline and was a big part of our final end of year fundraising efforts where we excelled at reaching our goals.  We are excited to welcome the Girl Louie Team back to continue to assist us as we invest more in brand identity and storytelling.
Cynthia Chapelle

Executive Director, Black Girls Do STEM

We first experienced Sarah’s design capabilities when she helped with the redesign of our website. Now, she and her stellar team at Girl Louie have helped us rethink the way we are approaching our marketing efforts. She has a spark, something extra, that is backed up by tremendous talent…we are fortunate to have her as part of our extended team!

Dayna M. Stock, PhD

CEO, The Rome Group

Meet Our Creatives

Girl Louie is fueled by creatives who strive to match their talents in web design, graphic design, photography, videography, marketing, and creative storytelling to meet the needs of our clients and the communities we serve.


Practices of Self-Compassion with Carrie Sleme-Stakes

Practices of Self-Compassion with Carrie Sleme-Stakes

If we could describe Carrie Sleme-Stakes in three words, it would be “intuitive self compassion.” We fell in love getting to know Carrie and how she combines her art practice of painting with her intuitive eating mindset in her health coaching. It really is a blend of...

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Creative Storytelling: A Deeper Look Into the Meaning

Creative Storytelling: A Deeper Look Into the Meaning

At Girl Louie, we talk a lot about Creative Storytelling. We love creative storytelling because when you tell stories creatively, it helps build strong brand awareness and purpose driven content to the masses. Creative storytelling is a form of storytelling that goes...

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